Legal Bud Reviews

The Criteria For Our Legal Bud Reviews

Our legal bud reviews are objective, and are the opinions of the the people we work with.  Luckily, we all have smoked our fair share of both good and terrible legal buds. I think this experience makes us prime candidates to write legal bud reviews.  We thought you  might want to know how we  rate each bud.  Obviously you may come to different conclusions than us and we would love to get your feedback. Just to clear up some confusion about legal bud -  we rate legal buds for what they are and try never to compare herbal smoke to illegal drugs, because they are very much a different experience.




Legal Bud Reviews LooksOur first step in writing our legal bud reviews is “how it looks.” Although you should never judge a book by it’s cover, we find that more often than not you can judge an herbal smoke product by appearance. How it is shipped and packed speaks volumes for how good the product is. If it is professional, high quality packaging, the likelihood of the product being good goes up. Some of the most hangover inducing legal bud I have ever smoked has come in terrible packaging.  I should have known better.

The color and form of the bud and pressed herbs will indicate the quality of the product. Color, form, and texture are all taken into consideration. If the product is dry, brown and crumbles to the touch,  this is an indicator of poor quality.  Look for bright, natural colors, crystals, hairs and fibers. The buds should be light, sometimes slightly sticky and enjoyable to touch. When reading other legal bud reviews be sure to note if the looks of the bud are talked about.


While observing the legal bud the smell is undoubtedly part of these observations and an integral part of any legal bud reviews. Conveying the idea of a smell is tricky, so we like using words like herbal, floral, spicy, and fruity. The smells are also pungent, strong, weak, deep, complex and simple.  The smells of the herbs before they are lit are not necessarily the same as after it is lit. If you find any legal bud reviews be sure to check if the smell is talked about. Poor quality buds are noted by their almost “perfume” smell.


When lighting and inhaling the legal bud, flavor, amount of smoke and harshness of the smoke are all dynamics in the the legal bud reviews of quality of legal buds.  The smoke can taste herbal, creamy, fruity and spicy.  These are subtle tones that mingle in the smoke; the smell and taste will mirror one another.  Whether a little pull will produce a lungful of smoke or just a little, I think its nice to be aware of how much smoke to expect. In addition to the amount of smoke, the type of smoke is high on the list of consideration.  The smoke can be harsh and rough or gentle and smooth.  The mechanism for how legal bud is evaluated and considered. Generally, smoking out of a water pipe or vaporizer is preferable with legal bud to diminish the bite of some of the pressed herbs. The taste is very important factor in all legal bud reviews.


Legal BudsThe effects of legal buds vary greatly from strain to strain and are the most important factor in all legal bud reviews.  Some of them will alter your sense of self, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.  The sensations vary from a mild euphoric effect and relaxed sensation to odd sensations of disconnect and headache. Some of the poor quality strains offer nothing but painful lungs and headache.  It’s important to do a little research before purchasing any ol’ legal bud. Read up and make sure legal bud reviews you see let you know if the buds works well or leaves you with a headache and a sore throat.

Overall Score

The overall score is a tally of the above qualities when they are combined. Occasionally we will evaluate a strain of herbal smoke and after sitting down and rating it, will rate lower or higher than initial  thinking.  So its become important to weigh each attribute individually and combining those scores rather than a knee jerk reaction saying its great or terrible without taking into account each quality. Happy Smoking!

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