AHia Bud Review

A'Hia Bud Review

We finished smoking some of International Oddities AHia bud and this is our A’Hia Bud Review.  When we opened the can it it came in, the smell was very herbal. Not like weed, necessarily, but like herbs.  There was a lot packed into the can. We were impressed at the amount that was sent.  The can was full of buds, AHia bud looked and felt really full textured.

The A’Hia Bud Review was quality.  Looks were impressive, Ahia bud looks like actual buds. They were dried but not brittle. There were little stems and leaves.  It looked really high quality.

I pulled apart the whole buds, stem, leaves and all and packed it in a water pipe to cut the harshness.  This was a good call.  AHia bud is a pretty harsh smoke, but I liked that the herb smoked really well, had a pretty good flavor and full smoke.  It didn’t get me “messed up” but it changed how I felt for the better.  Lighter and chilled….Check the Legal Bud Reviews category for more bud reviews.

Looks: 5/5 This stuff looked great. Loved the texture and overall appearance.

Smell: 4/5 Smelled fully herbal. Glad there was a can I could repack it in. Not a bad smell, just full.

Taste: 4/5 Full smoke body, harsh but tolerable

Effect: 4/5 Changed how I felt, lighter feeling.  Lasted about 30 min.

Overall score: 4/5 I’m a little surprised I ranked Ahia bud as high as I did.  I wasn’t expecting much and Ahia isn’t my favorite, but its a solid, respectable smoke.

A’Hai Bud  is $35 for 1/2 ounce but I love this stuff so always get the 1lbs package for $420

Ahia Bud

If you have tried A’hai we want to hear your A’Hia Bud Review.  Leave you comments below.

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