Blueberry Bud Review

Blueberry Bud Review

Blueberry Bud Review

We wanted to do a blueberry bud review because it’s is one of the most popular legal buds and for good reason. Blueberry bud is unique in the legal bud world. The smell entices the nose,  the texture is cloud light and the buds are  nuggets with fine blue hairs. This is a very positive Blueberry bud review  because its pleasing to the nose, eyes, fingers and tongue.

I opened the lined box the nuggets came in and I immediately knew this was a different experience than with other legal buds I have tried. The light fruity smell drew me in. Upon closer examination I saw the nuggets were a blue hue, and noticed the hairs.   The nugs came apart and rolled really nicely.  The papers that come with the package aren’t great, though a nice added bonus, have your own good papers available to do your own Blueberry bud review (and let us know what you think!).

I learned during this Blueberry bud review  that its made for rolling in papers and smoking. The smell when lit is unique and light compared to other legal buds and mirrors its unlit scent. It smells a bit like a incense and the flavor is  fruity, earthy.  The smoke is full and thoroughly enjoyable.

I don’t have a bad thing to say in my Blueberry Bud Review. The effects were mild, relaxed and made me feel calm.  There was no headache or hangover feeling.  Try other brands first! Then appreciate how enjoyable Blueberry Bud is….Read all of our other legal bud reviews!

Looks:5/5 Light blue, nugget herb. Cool packaging

Smell: 5/5  Sweet and fruity. Not too strong

Taste: 5/5  Smokes great, not harsh at all. Tastes good, herbal.

Effect: 5/5  sense of calm and relaxation.

Overall: 5/5 This has been my very favorite legal bud review so far. Happy smoking.

$35 Gets you 1/2 ounce or #225 for 1/2 pound.

Blueberry Bud

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