Krypto Bud Review

Krypto Bud Review

Krypto Bud Review

Ok guys, here’s the deal with this Krypto bud reviews – When you first open Krypto Bud its a really nice, mild smell.  Slide it out of the package and you’ll see a greenish-brown color, not as bright as Skyscraper.  It was a little dry, no crystals, good bud formation. I wasn’t sure how i wanted to smoke it so I put it in my bong. I think this was a good idea. When you smoke this use a vaporizer  or water pipe. Reminded me of smoking a swisher sweet. Kinda between the harshness of a cigar and a cigarette. It had a lighter aroma when burned. Smoked well, tasted good, looked good.  It has a few minute delayed effect on me. After a few minutes I had a relaxed, happy feeling. It was a creeper. Lasted about 40 minutes.  I did have a slight headache coming down, but I’m not sure if that was me or the Krypto Bud. In any case it wasn’t bad and I would smoke Krypto again….If you liked the this Krypto bud review check out all our other reviews.

Looks: 3/5 Green brown Color. Not bad just a little dry

Smell: 5/5 Perfect not too strong or too weak. No weird chemical smell.

Taste: 4/5 What I would expect. Not super harsh, easy to smoke.

Effect: 3/5 Lasted a solid 40 min. Relaxed, buzzed state. Little headache after, not bad

Total Krypto Review: 4/5 I liked this stuff and I would smoke Krypto again.  I wasn’t my very favorite, but it was a solid, smoke, with a legit buzz.

Check out Krypto Bud , You can get 1/2 Oz. for $35.

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