Skyscraper Bud Review

Skyscraper Bud Review

Skyscraper Bud Review

In this Skyscraper bud review the first thing you notice about Skyscraper Bud is it’s vivid green color and crystal formations on the buds. For $35 you get 1/2 ounce of this hybrid legal bud. It’s a good thing Skyscraper Bud comes sealed well because it’s aroma is potent. You can tell as soon as you open the package that these buds are potent. Definitely best smoked out of a vaporizer, during this skyscraper bud review we noticed this herb pulls a thick strong smoke. You’d expect it to be high on the harshness scale but actually surprisingly it’s not bad. A little harsher than tobacco but not as bad as say ditch weed. If you don’t have a vaporizer try it in a water pipe to cut some of the harshness that does exist. The flavor of the smoke is rich and taste of herb. This legal buds effects are immediate and last about 30 – 45 minutes. Skyscraper Bud produces a relaxing mildly euphoric feeling. No hang-over what so ever and no paranoia or other ill side effects. This herbal smoke is about as potent as Panama Gold Bud. The real difference would be the strength of the smoke and the aroma of the bud….Did you like our Skyscraper bud review? Don’t forget to check out all our legal bud reviews.

Looks: 5/5 Skyscraper Bus is a vivid green with small crystal formations. A beautiful legal bud.

Smell: 3/4 A little more pungent than I like. Not a bad smell,  just strong and hard to cover up.

Taste: 4/4 Thick smoke with and herb taste. Goes down a little harsh but easy to cut with a vaporizer.

Effect: 4/5 Decent buzz with no hang-over and no bad side effect no matter how much Skyscraper Bud you smoke.

Skyscraper Bud Review Total:

4/5 It’s a gorgeous legal bud with a very notice high lasting longer than most herbal smoke and with no bad side-effects.

EDIT: A couple people have asked if this was a solid bud or pressed herbs. Skyscraper Bud is a pressed bud not a solid bud. With this legal bud it shouldn’t matter though. It’s a great quality herbal smoke.


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